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Bulgarian brides are one of a kind as they stand out among the rest of their Slav counterparts. They are not to be seen with weak men as in a relationship they look for someone who can match their strong sense of independence and sharp mind. However, if you prove to be worthy of their love, you can expect them to love you unconditionally as Bulgarian women are mainly known for their loyalty. They are extremely committed to their chosen ones.

Nowadays, a lot of people find it incredibly challenging to establish such a meaningful connection with someone. As a result, according to the statistics, our generation is lonelier than ever, craving some human warmth and basic intimacy. A simple, friendly conversation, let alone a romantic relationship, is a complicated quest for a modern person that is used to living in their own shell. As a result, we, as a population, are faced with incredibly high levels of solitude. There is a variety of different reasons leading to such an outcome.

However, despite the seriousness of all the aforementioned factors, they are not that difficult to overcome! Internet, although has some drawbacks, is a powerful tool that has taken communication to a whole other level and made a lot of things that had previously seemed to be impossible very accessible. Indeed, in the past couple of years, the rapid development of technology has shapeshifted the dating sphere completely by introducing multiple new functions. In modern society, you no longer have to limit your search of a lifelong partner to those living nearby.

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International Dating

Instead, you can simply hop on an international online dating site and expand your hunt to the foreign lands. This is a benefit that overweighs all stereotypical drawbacks associated with online dating. Unfortunately, a lot of men are very cautious about turning to online mail order brides services for help. Some do not believe in the legitimacy of such platforms. Others are not quite sure about how those work. The truth is, while it may be relevant for the low-quality sites, the well-known platforms care deeply about their reputation. The only real problem that is very evident is being overwhelmed by the grandiose choice you are faced with.

Online dating services have hundreds of thousands of accounts on display, so it is up to you to decide whom you would like to connect with, granted you do not have any specifics in mind. This is where this type of articles come in handy. One of the most sought after brides are the Eastern European ones. However, Eastern Europe is not only Ukrainian and Russian ladies. In fact, it collects more than 20 different nationalities, all of which have their unique traits and are beautiful in their own exceptional way. One of the less mainstream dating ‘destinations’ for men looking for ladies to start a family with is Bulgaria. This country on the shore of the Black Sea is home to a lot of beautiful Bulgarian brides for sale. The following text will lay out a short yet comprehensive overview of Bulgarian mail order brides and why is that you would want to start dating one immediately.

Features of Bulgarian Women

All of the Bulgarian brides are unique and unmatched, so some of the features described here may not be relevant to some particular ladies you can connect with through a Bulgarian brides agency. However, this is the most common set of traits that an average Bulgarian woman has.

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Naturally Beautiful

Bulgarian mail order brides have been all gifted with beauty, so it is not unheard of foreign men falling for Bulgarian ladies just because of their looks. Girls in Bulgaria are usually fit and healthy as the overarching theme of various beauty trends adopted in the country is a slim yet curvy figure. They have the bone and body structure to be the happy owners of an hourglass body shape, which is considered to be the most desired by men worldwide.


Bulgarian women are not afraid to show their assets with the world, so they do not mind wearing rather revealing clothes. To western men, such outfits may seem somewhat over the top as a casual everyday look of a Bulgarian girl necessarily includes a plunging neckline and some sort of high heels. However, you should allow it as such choice of garments is part of the culture, and ladies use their looks as a way of expressing themselves, highlighting their bold and daring personalities.

Carefully Take Care of Themselves

Bulgarian women are also good at enhancing their natural beauty with the use of cosmetics. They are no strangers to going for a full face of makeup look. Some men may find such move to be a little tacky, but be sure, Bulgarian ladies know how to do their makeup well. Apart from that, they love to look good, so they are also regular customers of the hair salons, which are incredibly popular in Bulgaria.

Nevertheless, even when not ready to go out, in the coziness of their fortresses, they still look beautiful. Bulgarian genes have provided these women with charismatic big light eyes, voluminous dark hair and amazing skin. Their complexion varies from fair to brown, but all skin shades look beautiful on them. Most of the Bulgarian women have very prominent features and sharp bone structure, which means they have high cheekbones, sharp straight noses and full lips.

They Prioritize Families Above Anything

Bulgarian women understand how important it is to establish an infallible trust between all the members of the family. Therefore, they are very keen on the idea of full and undeniable commitment. They are extremely loyal and expect the same in return. Taking their passionate nature into consideration, this may imply that they can be slightly jealous sometimes, but provided you do not give a reason for this, this is good quality as it indicates Bulgarian women are not thoughtless. If they choose to dedicate their entire life to someone by creating a family with them, they are very unlikely to change their decision.

Moreover, if you are lucky enough to start a family with a Bulgarian bride, you can expect her to be what is called exemplary ‘wifey material.’ Bulgarian brides know how to keep a hold of the house chores. As well as that, they also are amazingly skilled cooks. It is not very common to go out for meals daily in Bulgarian culture, so you may expect to receive homemade meals every night.

Bulgarian brides

Where to Meet Bulgarian Women


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Bulgarian mail order brides for sure stand out among the rest of Slav brides represented on online dating services because they are particularly strong-willed and independent. They are aware of their sexuality and are not afraid to use it for achieving their goals. However, despite all this, they are the opposite of easy. In fact, Bulgarian girls, although often portrayed as feisty hot women, can be very tender and quirky with their partners. They are also amazing to start a family with as they make great wives and mothers.