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Slovenian mail order brides may have only recently started receiving the recognition they deserve, but it does not make them any less of a hot topic of discussion in the international dating sphere. Foreign men from all over the world are amused and mesmerized by the charms of these chick beauties from the Balkans. They are attractive, elegant and great to talk to. What is not to like? Exactly, these ladies seem to be too perfect to be true, so hurry up to see where you can find yourself a Slovenian woman.

Slovenian Brides

The technology has reached such level of evolution that it is now possible to look for specifics. All large and trustworthy online dating sites offer a range of features that allow filtering profiles according to your personal preferences. The only question left is: do you know what you truly desire for?

Western men are exposed to all kinds of women, and often claim that they have seen it all. But that is rarely true as they ordinarily are not familiar with the astonishing ladies of the Balkans, Slovenian beauties in particular. And that is a huge loss of theirs. However, this oversight is gradually being fixed as Slovenian girls get more popular among males looking for a mail bride worldwide.

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Geographically, Slovenia is a relatively small Eastern European country, but its territory is a homeland to millions of hot Slovenian girls, many of which are exploiting the benefits of online dating, and therefore have a profile on one of the online dating platforms. This is exciting news for foreign men looking for an order bride as there are solid reasons for such an increase in popularity of women of Slovenia.

Appearance of Slovenian Ladies

slovenian brides

It can be said volumes about the beauty of Slovenian girls. Although their appearances may vary significantly depending on the part of the country where they were born and currently reside, they all are gorgeous and breath-taking. Foreign men find them particularly appealing because of:

Athletic Shape

Slovenian women care deeply about their figures and are very keen on exercising, so you are very unlikely to meet any lady under the age of 50 who would not be supermodel-like slim and fit.

Round Faces and Alluring Full Lips

The feminine look so many females around the world are trying to achieve by going through numerous plastic surgeries is what Slovenian brides look like naturally.

Voluminous and Healthy Hair

It is not very popular to dye your hair in Slovenia, so girls there usually tend to have hair of natural colors.

Features of Slovenian women

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding the image of a Slovenian woman. However, only some of them are actually true. Whilst not necessarily intrinsic to all ladies, these are the most common traits Slovenian women share.

Slovenian Mail Order Brides are Kind and Elegant

It may be a widespread belief that a lot of Eastern European women are rather cold at first sight and like to play hard to get. This is not exactly the case with the Slovenian brides. They are very warm-hearted and welcoming. Furthermore, they are very open and straightforward. They do not overcomplicate things and voice their concerns immediately. But be sure that they do it in the most elegant way possible. Slovenian women take pride in their politeness and upbringing. Being well-mannered and following all the rules of etiquette is extremely important among Slovenians, so they do absolutely everything possible to not come across as rude to anyone. They are very attentive with the people around them, and will always give you a helping hand when you are in need.

Slovenian Brides are Very Family-Centered

Religion plays a significant role in the lives of Slovenian women. According to their beliefs, the family is the matter of the highest importance, so a man deciding to find a bride for marriage shall be assured that they will obtain very strong family bonds. Slovenian women are super family conscious and therefore make good homemakers. However, this focus on their family’s well-being also stems from another trait intrinsic to Slovenian women. They are incredibly diligent and determined. Because of the ‘western influence,’ their priorities have shifted a lot towards financial independence, which made them pursue careers. This is a good trait because it means that a man who marries a Slovenian woman will not have the burden of supporting his family financially all to himself to deal with. Slovenian brides are more than willing to contribute to the shared family budget if it safeguards their stability.

They Have Unique Intelligence

Dating Slovenian women is very easy as they are great communicators with outstanding levels of wit and intelligence. They can hold pretty much any conversation, which would keep the guy interested. Slovenian girls always have something to say and they will not be shy to talk. This is great because of the developed educational system of Slovenia that ensures all ladies receive a decent education. And the best thing is that most Slovenian girls are multi-lingual: a lot of them know at least a couple of languages, English being one of the most popular foreign languages to learn. Thus, foreign men should not be afraid of any possible language barriers.


Dating Platforms to Meet Slovenian Mail Order Brides

As discussed previously, Slovenian women are only starting to receive more attention from the international dating scene, so the platforms where their profiles can be found is still limited. You have to remember that it is vital to look closely at the sites you go to look for Slovenian singles as, unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers on the internet trying to make money off you. You should only use legit sites such as the ones below:

Match Truly

  • A large international online dating platform with a lot of profiles of Slovenian mail order brides for marriage.
  • Transparent payment system.
  • Effective search tool that allows foreign men to find a bride based on their preferences and values in life.
  • Has a mobile app, which enables you to always to be all caught up with your hot Slovenian match.


  • An online dating site that positions itself as an online dating platform for people over 40 years old worldwide, which allows those looking for a slightly more mature Slovenian woman find their bride.
  • Has a lot of unique functions and features.
  • Offers an extended search option to narrow down the search to specific criteria.


In case you are convinced a Slovenian lady may be the girl of your dreams but have no ways of approaching one in real life, you should consider connecting with Slovenian mail order brides via online dating sites for singles worldwide. Slovenian brides are charming, diligent and extremely curious, which will always keep you entertained and interested.