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There is not a man on this planet that has not heard of how beautiful Russian women are. Even those who have never encountered them in real life are well aware of how charming these Eastern European ladies are. And it is true! They are, indeed, looking good at all times and wherever they go. However, this is not the only amazing thing about them: Russian brides are kind, supportive and incredibly intelligent. They are also super hard-working and know exactly what to do in order to get the things they want. They set goals and go for them!

Benefits of Online Dating

Thanks to the recent advancement of technology, both of the aforementioned problems have now become easy to solve. We are swiftly transcending into the digital era, shifting all of our activities there, too. Thus, what seemed to be an out of the question experience in the past, is actually possible today. In the modern world, single men from all around the world can finally connect with ladies they fancy without any geographical limitations. Moreover, they can also find the women that share the same values they do as well as tick off all their other requirements such as age, religion, and even such minor things as height. All of this became possible with the introduction of online dating, mail order bride services in particular. These enabled men to finally meet girls from Russia.

It is not a secret that Russian girls are among the most desirable women worldwide for a number of reasons. So, the fact they can be reached via mail order bride platforms is a solid reason for many single men to be excited. However, before we go any further into exploring what is that that makes Russian brides for marriage so appealing to foreign men, it is important to dispel any myths and misconceptions surrounding the mail order bride services and their legitimacy.

Dating Sites to Find a Bride

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How Much do Russian Mail Order Brides Cost?

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma against mail order bride services as men do not fully understand this phenomenon and the concept behind it. First of all, it is important to notice that Russian mail order brides are all Russian girls who voluntarily sign up to the appropriate site in order to meet a guy to start a family with.

A frequent question that bothers a lot of men considering to start using mail order bride services is whether these Russian brides real. The answer is a confident yes, they are! These ladies are not selected by anyone, nor they have any sort of affiliation with the website team. They undergo the same process of registering on websites, with the same purpose of finding love. They are not paid to carry out conversations with members of the sites, and their interest in communicating with men on there is hundred percent genuine.

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Why Sexy Russian Brides Choose Online Dating

Gender Imbalance

There is a gender imbalance in Russia, which means there are more females than males. Therefore, it is rather difficult for women to find a husband, and even more so to find a husband that would really appreciate his Russian woman.

Russian Men Have Alcohol Problem

It is not a secret that there is a wide-spread alcohol problem among Russian men. A lot of Russian ‘gentlemen’ do not reject an odd glass of strong spirit and are generally more prone to alcoholism than their Western counterparts. Moreover, they are less ambitious than western men, which, combined with the low living standards of this Eastern European country lead to a perspective of poverty. On the other hand, foreign men are still considered to be rich and reliable.

Abusive Nature of Russian Men

Another large problem is the ‘macho’ nature of Russian men. They believe women are inferior to them and should not be taken seriously. In some cases, this leads to physical abuse as domestic abuse is decriminalized in Russia. Marriage with a foreign man is a chance for Russian women to gain some more freedom in their lives.

It really seems like escaping to the West is the only way for Russian girls to improve their lives and get the appreciation they deserve. However, it does not mean they are desperate enough to sign up to the websites that would ship them out immediately to the man who places the highest bidding on them. In fact, this is highly illegal and considered to be human trafficking. That is why you should not take the expression ‘brides for sale’ literally. What you really do when you are ‘buying a Russian bride’ is simply paying the members fee for using the facilities mail order bride services offer.

Thus, making things clear, it will be fair to state that the amount of money you invest into chatting with your Russian mail order brides has no direct correlation with your success with them as you only pay for an opportunity to send a message through. Of course, if you keep a thorough conversation, your chances of taking things offline increase drastically, but other than that it is entirely up to you whether a particular girl likes you or not.

Features of Russian Women

russian brides

First things first, it is important to mention that Russia is the ninth largest country in the world with the population of more than 144.5 million people. Moreover, the territory of Russia covers a huge area. Therefore, it is very unlikely for us to describe every single female inhibiting Russian lands in this overview, as they are all tremendously different and unique. Furthermore, depending on their precise location or region where they were born and raised, their traditions can vary distinctly. However, we still seek to create a collective image of what you should expect Russian brides to be in order to explain why they turn heads of men worldwide.


Russian mail order brides will pleasantly surprise you with their unparalleled wit from the very first couple of messages you will exchange. This can be explained with the quality of education these ladies receive in their lifetime. Russian educational system stems from the USSR education system that used to be the best in the world. This means, at school Russian girls have a lot of subjects that they study for 11 years they attend school, so upon graduation, they become extremely well-rounded and knowledgeable in pretty much every sphere possible. Russian women are particularly good at maths and languages. Especially those ladies coming from large cities like Moscow or Saint Petersburg are likely to know at least two languages or more. Chances are, they have decent English, so your Russian wife will be able to freely converse with you.

One way or another, Russian brides place a high value on their education, and a lot of them have a university degree. They are naturally very curious, and even after leaving university, they continue investing in their education and self-development. Being smart is a trend among Russian women, so they like to attend different courses and workshops to become even better specialists and intellectual opponents.


Russian girls know exactly what they want from life and are good at getting it. They are meticulous and understand they have to set reasonable goals. Therefore, you can expect your Russian wife to make calculated choices instead of giving into their whimsies. These ladies rarely give up when they have something in mind and will fight for what they believe belongs to them to the end.

Moreover, although a lot of Russian girls prefer their man to be a bread-winner, they understand the importance of shared responsibilities. Therefore, a lot of them realize themselves in various careers that they keep even after getting married.

Great Housewives Skills

Despite being excellent workers, Russian girls do not mind settling down and quitting their jobs to become housewives. This is a big difference between women from Russia and American ladies who will never give their careers up.

From a very early age, Russian girls are taught how to take care of household chores. They spend a lot of time with their mothers and learn how to cook all the delicious family-special dishes. Amazing cooking skills is one of the things Russian brides are particularly famous for. Russian cuisine is incredibly diverse and very nutritional, so you will never be hungry if you choose a Russian lady for marriage.

It is traditional in Russian families that wives cook meals for everyone, so you are very likely to enjoy various fresh home-made dishes. This sounds particularly good if you are the one who works in the family!


Speaking of that, Russian brides are very supportive and want you to feel as comfortable as possible at home. Therefore, they will do everything possible to help you release your work-related stress.

Moreover, Russian women understand how difficult it can be to make a decision, so you should be sure you will always have a reliable ally by your side!


Russian girls are super kind and are known for their desire to see the best in people. They are happy to welcome people in their lives as they are taught to treat guests with special respect.

Appearance of Russian Women

russian women

And, of course, the most obvious thing Russian brides are known for in the entire world, their looks! This is a generally accepted fact: Russian women all look gorgeous. There are several reasons for this:

Russian Women Put Their Looks First

It is important for them to look good at all times and in all places. They do not leave out even the tiniest details, everything has to be perfect: for their nails, they get regular manicures and pedicures, they will never leave their houses with their hair not styled, their faces always look fresh and glowing, and their clothes do not seem to crease. Russian ladies put a lot of hard work into looking flawless.

Immense Competition Among Russian Women

It is still a common stereotype that a woman has to get married before they turn 25. So every street turns into something in between a battlefield and a catwalk, where women fight for males’ attention.

Russian Girls Exercise A Lot

A large portion of them have a gym membership, since being slim and toned is a must to fit into Russian beauty standards. However, even those who do not attend the sport clubs, get plenty of physical activity since it is still common to walk by feet or use public transport in order to get around the city.

Russian Ladies Enjoy Being Feminine

They are blessed with good genetics. Just think about all those model-looking Russians!

Where to Find Russian Brides for Sale?

So, we assume, you are already looking forward to meeting a Russian woman, and we cannot judge you, they are indeed gorgeous! However, it is important to remember that a lot of scammers try to use this fact against naïve men to steal the money from them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of impostors on the web pretending to be legit Russian brides to get you to transfer them money. Usually, it is not difficult to spot them: they immediately start demanding gifts from you. However, sometimes it is not as easy. Therefore, we recommend to only use trustworthy sites (such sites tend to have a low of positive review) that care deeply about their members’ safety and take it upon the site’s team to manage the moderation process. Here are a couple of sites where you can meet sexy Russian brides without having to worry about your safety.


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  • One of the largest sites focused on pairing foreign men with Russian girls.
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There is a reason why Russian brides are so popular among men worldwide: they are truly gorgeous and deserve every positive word that is said about them. They are truly interested in marrying a reliable foreign guy, so you should not worry about the lack of true feeling when with these charming ladies.