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Poland is famous for its beautiful architecture, charming landscapes, and gorgeous women. Polish women have this Slavic beauty, but at the same time, they are intelligent and know what they want to achieve in this life. Poland is a former USSR member, several decades ago citizens have decided that they chose a democratic path. Today Poland is flourishing, and this peculiarity attracts tourists from all over the world.

If you are reading this article, you probably are interested in dating Polish girls. It’s important to understand several things before looking for a woman to date since they are unlike any other women. To tell the truth, women of different nationalities have standard features, but at the same time, they are different. That’s why you need to understand how to behave so you can win the heart of a girl that you met and think that she is “the one.”

Polish Women – What Are They Like

You might not be aware of the fact that Polish single ladies are beautiful since at the moment there is a tendency to search for Russian and Ukrainian, or sometimes Belarusian women as the representatives of Slavic beauty. But Polish women are also representatives of Slavic beauty. You might already know that traditional Slavic woman has blond hair and light eyes to match the nose. They also have pale skin and distinguishable cheekbones.

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Polish single ladies have these features. You can also meet women with slightly darker hair and skin, not necessarily all of them have blue eyes, etc. But they are beautiful. It’s difficult to say which nation has the most beautiful women since this is a very subjective topic. But you need to know that they look different.

You’d think that it’s difficult to tell what is the difference between a woman from the US and a woman from Poland, but there are slight differences. Different bone structure, other facial features, etc. And of course, the behavior might be different, although Polish ladies are indeed western women which means they are not willing to get married only because it’s a tradition and the society puts pressure. But you need to understand what are they like so you can adjust your approach to meeting Polish ladies.

Smart And Sexy

Polish brides are willing to study; this strive for knowledge is proved by the statistics. Imagine that in Poland, more than 50% of students are women. They also have access to other European universities; especially they prefer German colleges since Poland and Germany are neighboring countries. Moreover, hot polish ladies choose technical studies, not just humanitarian. Perhaps, that’s why they are so attractive to men – they have the best combination of beauty and intelligence.

Caring And Loving

Poland has exciting cuisine, so don’t be surprised when your Polish girlfriend offers you to cook something. It’s a common thing to prepare for their loved ones. Of course, most of the time, women don’t have enough time to cook since they are either studying or working or both. But you can expect that she will show the desire to cook something tasty for you.

Family Is Important

There is nothing stronger than family bonds. Marriage in Poland is considered to be a severe step. Ladies don’t tend to get married right after they graduate; it’s no longer a tradition here. They choose the partner wisely and get married only when they are fully prepared for the responsibility. But if she falls in love with you and agrees to marry you, then you can be sure that she will put as much effort as she can to make this marriage happy.

Aware Of The Latest Fashion Styles

Going out when they are not dressed to the nines? That’s impossible! Young or mature Polish women care about fashion, they are aware of the latest trends. Depending on age, they try to be always elegant and up-to-date with style.

It doesn’t mean that every woman wears too heavy make-up or that she looks too extravagant; they prefer to be perfect. Natural makeup that only highlights their features and doesn’t “draw” those facial features that they don’t have. And their outfits highlight their peculiarities as well.

Not Drama Queens

Yes, this personality feature is one of the best you can find in a woman. Of course, there are exceptions, but that is a common thing for every nationality. But you can be sure that there won’t be fights and arguments about unimportant things. They appreciate personal space which means that you can watch your football match with friends.

They love to socialize with different people and spend time with them. That’s the reason why they are less likely to be jealous. They have other things to do, and they have no time for scandals. But you need to understand that you also have to forget about stupid accusations. If you don’t have a reason to be jealous, then don’t be.

Religion Is Important In Poland

Around ninety percent of people in Poland are Roman Catholics. Of course, they recognize other religions, but the Church is essential for them too. This importance is one of the reasons why not just women but men as well are serious about marriage.

Where To Meet Sexy Polish Brides

So, now you are aware of the peculiarities of Polish ladies. But where can you meet them? Well, the obvious answer is to visit Poland. You definitely won’t regret it if you visit this country. But there are other ways to find a girlfriend or a bride.

Find a Polish Pen Friend

Remember, in the past, this exciting tradition of having a pen friend? The core idea is to meet a friend from abroad and to communicate with him via mail. In the past, we actually had been sending real letters, but after a while, people started to appreciate the convenience of emails.

Travel to Poland

You could meet that person in real life later. So, if this approach had been working nicely as a means to find friends abroad, then we can use this approach to search for foreign girlfriends. For instance, Polish mail order brides – you visit a website where Polish single ladies are creating profiles so they can find foreign boyfriends. Such an approach is designed to connect people who are willing to get married in the future.

Use online Dating Sites

Don’t get it wrong, and it’s not some weird site where you arrange marriages. First, you need to find someone to communicate via emails. Second, if you like each other, you can exchange contacts. And only then you can meet in real life, start dating, and if you fit each other, later you get married.

But before we proceed with the Polish dating sites, let’s distinguish some places (or services) where you can meet Polish ladies:

  • At foreign colleges.
  • In Poland.
  • At dating sites.

So, these are the three main ideas. But if you graduated a while ago and didn’t want to start this studying challenge again, you won’t be meeting someone at college. Meeting girls in Poland is a good idea, but most of them won’t consider you as a severe person unless you currently live in Poland.

If you are looking for a hook-up when you visit this country with the purpose of tourism, then yes, it will work. But finding severe relationships while you are a tourist in Poland is nearly impossible.

Best Polish Dating Sites

One of the best ideas is to use this “pen friend” approach, and only you will be looking not for friendship but a romantic relationship. You can register an account on one of the most reliable services. Then after careful search, you can contact one or several Polish girls to find out who you like the most.

Then you can start dating online to check whether you fit each other. Only after getting to know each other’s dreams, goals in life, beliefs, you can meet in person. Sounds great, right? Instead of impulsively buying an airplane ticket and visiting an unknown country, you can at least find a woman who will meet you there.

If you arrive in Poland, what are you going to do? You don’t even know local bars, restaurants and other places where single Polish ladies prefer to hang out. Also, you can get in trouble that way. You won’t regret visiting Poland since it’s beautiful, has a rich history, castles that you can visit, etc. But you definitely won’t achieve your goal this way.

Instead of visiting a country, you can visit your online girlfriend. Feel the difference? So, here is the list of sites where you can meet Polish brides for marriage:


So now you have a plan – find a girlfriend online, get to know each other, start dating and then you can meet in person. This is the beginning of your love story, so don’t hesitate.